Video Upload Issues - Error Flags and Upload Cancellation

If your file is taking too long to upload or stops after partially uploading:

Video files tend to be very large files, and we accept files up to 5GB in size. Often, problems with uploading are due to a drop in your internet connection, which causes the upload to fail. Your computer can drop internet connection for several reasons, such as the computer going into sleep/hibernate/screensaver mode, unstable wireless connection (which goes unnoticed in daily internet browsing but can become apparent when uploading a large file), or an interruption in service from your internet service provider.

For best success, we recommend that you upload your files on a wired connection rather than wireless. Also, make sure your computer's power settings are set not to go into sleep, hibernate, or screensaver mode, as these can often disconnect your computer from the internet.

Something that may also be very helpful, especially if you are uploading files that are more than 1GB in size, is to consider reducing your file size. You can do this easily using free software. I would recommend "Any Video Converter" at or "Handbrake" at -- they are both free of charge and will allow your upload to occur more quickly. For a tutorial on video formatting:

This may be a browser issue for you. We currently support versions of Google Chrome 13+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Apple Safari 6+, and Internet Explorer 10+. Even if you're using one of these three, make sure each is completely up to date, as out of date web browsers can cause these issues.

If your file uploads, but has an “Error” flag (especially for .mov formatted files uploaded from iDevices):

You will need to find the original files containing the video data and upload those to your application.  One way to tell that you have the correct file is that it will be larger that 1-2mb in size.  If you used an iPad to record your videos, you will need to connect the iPad to your computer, import the video file to your computer, and then upload it to your application from there.  The iPad will not be able to upload the correct file type directly from there.  Here is a link to Apple's support site that has instruction on how to import these files to your computer -

Once you the files on your computer you will want to make sure you have the correct file to upload. One way to tell that you have the correct file is that it will be larger that 1-2mb in size.  If you are using iPhoto, first create a new folder on your desktop and call it something like "audition videos".  Next, go to iPhoto and click the file(s) so that it is highlighted.  Then, then go to the "file" dropdown menu and click "reveal in finder", and select "original file".  That will show you the file you need to upload.  From there you can either drag that file into the folder you created or make note of it's exact location, and that's where you will need to upload it from into your application.  

If you are using iTunes, you should be able to highlight the file, go the the 'file' menu, and select "Show in Finder".  That will show you the file you will need to upload to the application.

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