Letter of Recommendation Requests - Sending, Re-Sending & Status

There are 2 ways for you to send email requests to those that are submitting a Letter of Recommendation or Supporting Materials on your behalf through DecisionDesk.

Submitting a request prior to submitting your application:

  1. Enter your recommender's contact information on the step of the application requesting this. Not all applications request this information.
  2. Be careful not to add spaces to the beginning or end of the email address. This will cause an error when saving.
  3. Make sure all required fields are complete on this step of the application.
  4. Click "Continue" to save the information on that page.
  5. Click "Send LOR Requests" (envelope icon at the end of your checklist)




Submitting a request upon submitting your application:

  • If you do not wish or need to submit the request for the Letter of Recommendation Status or Supporting materials, the request will be sent automatically upon submitting the application. No further action is necessary.


Checking the status of and re-sending Letter of Recommendation requests:

You can check the status of your recommendation requests on the final review page of the application. You will need to complete all required checklist items in order to be able to proceed to this page. You should have received a message in green at the top of the screen when you clicked the envelope to send them originally to confirm they were sent.

In addition, you may log in to your account at any time and view your completed applications located in your dashboard. After opening your application, navigate to where the recommender's email addresses are located, the status will be displayed underneath the email address. You will either see a message that says "Complete" along with the date that the recommendation was completed. Or, you will see the date the request was "Sent" and then an option to "Re-Send" the request. Clicking the "Re-send" text will send an additional request to the recommender. 



I have sent the email request, but my recommender is unable to find the email in their inbox

  • First have your recommender check their spam or junk mail folder to see if the email ended up there
  • Let them know that the address it is being sent from is recommendations@decisiondesk.com
  • There may be a security setting within their email system that is blocking the email. This is somewhat common if you have entered an email address that is associated with their place of work, or an institution where they are faculty. In this case, we recommend using an alternative email address to send them the request. If you have submitted the application, you will need to have the application re-opened to do this. If you do not have the contact information for the school you applied to in order to request this, please click the “Help” tab in the lower left to contact the help desk.

Recommendation Waivers:

The letter of recommendation waiver field you may see in an application* will allow you to waive your right to view any submitted recommendations on your behalf, or to retain the right to view those documents. The waiver itself will be worded uniquely for each application, but answering "yes" will always indicate you have waived the right, where as "no" indicates you are not waiving the right to view letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf. This will be indicated in the email request sent to the your recommender.

*Not all applications will collect letter of recommendation information, and those that do not always give the option to waive the right.


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    Manasi Inamdar

    Is there a way to retract the letter of recommendation? One of my recommender erringly uploaded a recommendation letter for another student of his in response to my recommendation. How can he resubmit the letter? Kindly help.