How to Submit a Support Ticket

If you can't find you answer here in our support articles, feel free to submit a help request ticket by hitting that big yellow button to the right! Our support team is here 9-5 on weekdays. We'll need a few items in order to assist you:

Your full name (how it is listed on your application)

Your email address (the one you used on your application)

The school/university/department to which you're applying (ie: UCLA Bioscience, Bioinformatics)

If possible/if necessary, a screenshot of your problem.

If you're a recommender requesting help, we'll need the above information for the applicant (their name/email, and the school to which they're applying). 

Please keep in mind that we do not offer phone support. We do have an answering system, and we will email you back, provided we get your email address! We are happy to help you and will do everything we can to assist. 


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