Stripe Connect

You can now accept and manage payments in DecisionDesk using Stripe. DecisionDesk will now connect directly with your Stripe account so you can accept payments, manage refunds, and track each transaction in a comprehensive dashboard.  

To connect your account, you first need to log into your Stripe account.  If you have not created your Stripe Account, click here.  Fill out the information to create your account:


Once you've created your account, make sure you're logged into Stripe, then, in a new window go to your Desk Settings page from your admin account in DecisionDesk.  At the bottom right of the page will be Stripe Connect button which you'll click to begin the integration with your account.


You'll be brought to the following page:


Fill out all of your information on this page.  Once filled out, click "Authorize Access to this Account" to link your Stripe Connect account to DecisionDesk and get started accepting payments!


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