Recommendation Request Email Text Formatting

When an applicant submits their application and have entered an email for their recommender, a recommendation invitation email will be sent to that recommender containing a link to the form.  You have the ability to add custom text within the Recommendation Invitation email.  When you insert custom text in the Recommendation Invitation email, here is how it will be formatted:


"You have been requested to write a recommendation for an application to (DESK NAME) using DecisionDesk. DecisionDesk is a service that manages digital media submissions and is not involved in the review or recruitment process.


To complete your recommendation for (APPLICANT), follow the link below:




For technical assistance, contact For non-technical inquiries, contact (DESK NAME).






When you add custom text, it will only appear where displayed above, and cannot be moved.  You can add as much text as desired, broken up into paragraphs as well.  The text is not HTML supported.

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