HTML Formatting for the Confirmation Page

The Confirmation Page that appears once an applicant submits their application supports HTML formatting, so you can manipulate the content in many different ways.  HTML formatting can be as simple as bolding a selection to embedding materials.  Some basic functions are listed below:

  • Bold - <b>text here</b>
  • Italics - <i>text here</i>
  • Underline - <u>text here</u>
  • Line break (carriage return) - <br>
  • Paragraph designation - <p>Paragraph Content</p>

For more in-depth tags and formatting, W3 schools can be a great resource -  

HTML ready pages can also have content embedded such as Youtube links or Facebook widgets.

To embed a Youtube link, open up the Youtube video page, click 'Share' underneath the video player, then 'Embed' to reveal the code.  You can adjust the size by clicking on the 'Video Size' dropdown:


Embedding a Facebook widget is quite simple as well.  Use the following link to find all the social plugins Facebook has to offer -

Click on the type of plugin you'd like, enter your information (Facebook URL, etc), adjust the settings to your liking, then click 'Get Code' to show your code.  Select "IFRAME" then copy the code below and paste it into the Confirmation Page Text box:

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