Uploading Video, Audio, Documents, and Images

Many of the applications in DecisionDesk require you to add media files, such as videos, audio samples, documents, or images. When media is required, you'll see an upload field, as below. To get started, click "Choose Files."



The application's instructions will specify what type of files are expected. In some cases, the application may only accept documents, others images, media, or audio files. As it varies for each application, the accepted file types will be listed on the uploader screen.



To upload new files, click Browse. This will allow you to select your files for upload. 


While your file is uploading, an orange progress bar will display. To stop the file from uploading, click Cancel.


You'll note that there are two columns: one titled My DecisionDesk Media, and another Media for this Submission. Many of our applicants use DecisionDesk to apply to a variety of institutions. Using the same account (email address and password) to apply to each opportunity will allow you to store all of your media in one location so that you can use it to apply to several different places without the need to upload it more than once. 


Files listed under My DecisionDesk Media are part of your DecisionDesk account, but have not been added to your current application. Files listed under Media for this Submission are included in your current application. To add stored files to this submission, click the back-and-forth arrows. You'll then see that the file has been added to Media for this Submission. To change the order in which your files appear in your current application, use the up-and-down arrows to drag and drop your files into whatever order you'd like.


You can also change the file name by clicking on the edit pencil, or delete unwanted files from this submission by clicking the X.


Once your files are uploaded, have the right name, and are in the correct order, click Save & Continue. 

Once out of the the upload screen and back into the application, you'll see the successfully attached files listed in your submission.



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