Helpful Hints for Reviewers

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  • How do I even get into my account? 

    Your site administrator or DecisionDesk staff member needs to set up a reviewer account for you, add your permissions (types of submitted applications you can see) and send an invitation to your account.

    You'll get an email from containing a link where you can set up your password. Once you do this, you'll get to your dashboard, where you can see a list of institutions at which you're set up as a reviewer. Click on the institution for which you're reviewing, and you'll see a list of applicants. Click on the name, and you're ready to start reviewing!


  • Streaming videos have to buffer before they can play. 

    Noticing that a video starts and stops every few seconds, making it difficult to watch? This is because streaming video files have to buffer (i.e. load) before you can pay them. The time it takes a video to load is dependent on two factors: your internet speed, and the size of the file. 

    First, after clicking on play, press pause on the video, that should allow it to buffer even on a slower internet connection. Give it maybe 15 seconds or so, you should see the loading progress on the timeline in the bottom of the video screen. Then try playing and see if that helps.

    Firefox can sometimes cause issues because it attempts to load the entire video instead of buffering. 


  • Not all internet browsers are created equal.
    We currently support versions of Google Chrome 13+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Apple Safari 6+, and Internet Explorer 10+. Even if you're using one of these browsers, make sure it is completely up to date, as out of date web browsers can cause issues. 

    Even if you are using one of the supported browsers, sometimes trying a different browser than your default can change the outcome. It can also help to clear your browsing history, or cache.


  • I'm try to use an iPad, but I'm having trouble.
    If you are using an iPad, make sure that your Operating System is up to date. Also, be sure that you are using wifi, and not cellular data.


  • Downloading this video is taking FOREVER!!!
    The DecisionDesk platform is meant for reviewers to be able to stream the videos they are evaluating. This means that it is not necessary to download the file. 

    Make sure that you are streaming the videos, by clicking on the play button in the media window, or the file title, and not clicking on the arrow to download the file. Downloading the actual file will, of course, take much longer.

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