Creating Custom Views Part I

The Views* feature lets you create and save different 'Views' to customize the way you see applicants.  To create a View, click on 'New View' on the right side of the screen.  

*The custom applicant overview "View" functionality is only currently available for a single Desk. At the Institution level, "Views" are only used to generate an export. For more about how Desks and Institutions work together, click here.



You'll be brought to the Manage Views page.  Name your view, then proceed to the Columns section.  Here, you can choose up to four columns you'd like to see in this view on the applicant table.  You will not need to choose their first or last name, as this information will populate automatically.



Next, scroll down to Expanded fields.  Here, you may choose as many fields as you'd like to populate when you click the 'Expand' arrow on an applicant.  Clicking this arrow will show and hide these fields within the table.  



Finally, scroll down to Add a filter.  Here, add a filter to this view if desired.  This filter will be applied to the submission pool and filter the desired criteria.


Once finished, click 'Save View & Continue' at the bottom to save your view.  Once back to your applicant table, your new view will be displayed.  You can easily recall any previously created views or go back to the default page clicking on 'Saved Views.'


You can also delete any view by clicking on the trash can icon, or click on the pencil icon to edit any saved view.

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