User Accounts

Administrators have the ability to create additional administrative accounts as well as unlimited reviewer accounts. They can also add or edit the assignments that define which applications the reviewers will be able to see and review.* Reviewer email notifications are also configured on the user accounts page or during the initial creation of the accounts.*

To create a user account, access the "User Accounts" page by clicking on the "people" icon in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.


Then, click "Add New User" in the upper right hand side of "User Accounts" page.  You'll then be prompted to enter the user's name and email address. You can also designate here if you would like them to receive email notifications regarding applications they are assigned to review and the frequency of these notifications.* 


After entering this information, click "add permissions"* to proceed to the option to add initial reviewer assignments, then click "Save User" to finish adding the account.



Once their account is created, click on the envelope icon next to their name to send an email invitation with a link to create a password and log in. You can also click on the Invite Uninvited button at the top right corner of the User Account page to quickly invite all uninvited users. 

Note: The envelope will change from dark to light gray to indicate that the invite has been sent.



To make edits to the user's reviewer assignments or email notifications*, click the pencil icon to open their account settings.

Note: Once an account has been created, the only way to edit the first/last name and email address is to be logged into the account as the user. If you have made an error when entering the user account the first time, the easiest way to to fix this is to delete the incorrect record, then add the user again with the correct information. 


*This functionality does not apply to Institutions using Advanced Review.

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