Converting to PDF

Many organizations now require documents in the form of "PDF" (Portable Document Format) as it translates well across different computer operating systems and platforms.  If you've never used this format or created a PDF, fortunately it's a very simple process.  Here are a few quick tips on creating a PDF document. 

Apple Macintosh systems

  • When working on Apple computers, you can easily create a PDF in most any application by clicking 'File' and then 'Print.'   In the print menu, don't click the Print button, but click on the PDF dropdown in the lower left corner and click 'Save as PDF.'  Name your file and choose a location to create a PDF version of that file.Screen_Shot_2013-07-17_at_1.28.47_PM.png

Microsoft Word in Windows

  • When using Word in Windows platforms, open the file you'd like to convert to PDF and click 'File' and then 'Save As.'  You'll be able to click 'Save as type' and select PDF as an option.  Type in a file name, choose a location, and click Save to create the PDF file without destroying the existing document.PDFwordJing4.png

Other Documents and Applications

  • There are many other websites that you can simply upload your file, convert it through the site, and download your PDF.  These services are free, so you won't have to pay for any.  Some trusted sites are or


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