File Size & Type/Upload Tips


DecisionDesk accepts the following file formats:

  • Video (MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, VOB)
  • Audio (MP3, M4A, AIFF, WMA, WAV, AAC)
  • Image (JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF)

My file is HUGE, will it upload?

While we accept files up to 5GB, if your video file is above 1GB, you may experience some difficulties, so we suggest converting to reduce the size of the file.  Here is a tutorial video that will help with this process.  Remember, the larger your files, the longer they will take to upload. Upload speed is dependent upon both file size and speed of the internet connection. We appreciate your patience!

We accept files up to 5GB in size.  You can upload any resolution you would like. We do not recommend uploading uncompressed video, as this will be a time intensive process for you. While large HD videos can be compressed down, mp4 720p or similar is best.

All audio is compressed to AAC format and a minimum of 320 kbps and videos are compressed to 720p, 1100 kbps.

All resolutions are accepted for image files.

Also be sure your browser is up to date. We currently support versions of Google Chrome 13+ (highly recommended), Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Apple Safari 6+, and Internet Explorer 10+. Even if you're using one of these three, make sure each is completely up to date, as out of date web browsers can cause these issues. You can also try clearing your browsing history.

Be sure to upload files using a stable internet connection, and make sure the computer does not go into sleep or hibernate mode while a file is uploading. For technical support with your DecisionDesk application, please visit or contact  


How do I know what file format I'm trying to upload?

1) The first step is to check the extension on the file. For instance .wav is a WAV, .mp3 is an MP3, so on and so forth

2) More information can be found by right clicking the file and selecting "Properties" (or "Get Info" on a Mac)

3) For very specific details on the media type, use this free software provided by SourceForge


How do I convert/reformat my video?

This video demonstrates how to properly convert or format your video file, while still maintaining its quality. Here, we use Handbrake, a free video converter.  




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