Applicant FAQs

How do I get started with my DecisionDesk application?

To submit an application through DecisionDesk you will need the "Apply" ink specific to the Institution, or organization that you are applying to. This is usually posted on their website. When you access that link you will be prompted to create a DecisionDesk account or login if you already have an account. 

Click here detailed instruction on the application process from start to finish.


Where is the application that I started?

Click the "Orange D" logo in the top left of the webpage to access your dashboard. You will be able to access all of your in-progress and completed applications associated with your account here on this page.


What does "desk not live" mean?

This means the application is not online at the moment. It is either in the process of being updated or has not been made public yet. In most cases you will need to contact the Institution the application is for to ask when it will be available online. If you need contact information for the Institution that you are applying to, please reach out to our help desk at, let us know where you are applying, and we can provide you with that information.


Application Deadlines

While DecisionDesk assists with the online submission of your application, we are not able to comment on the deadline enforced by the Institution you are applying to. You will need to contact the institution directly for this information. 


Can I delete my application? 

You cannot delete the applications from your account. If you did not submit the application(s), you do not have to worry about them being taken into consideration by the school/program, they will not be reviewed. 


How can I make an edit to an application I already submitted?

To make edits to a previously submitted, you'll need to contact the Institution to which you're applying directly. Feel free to email support at, or click the help tab to get the proper contact information!


 How to send a recommendation request:

  1. Enter your recommender's info (make sure all required fields are filled out)
  2. Click "Continue" to save the information
  3. Hit "Send LOR Requests" (big envelope icon at the end of your checklist)

You can see only see the status of the recommendations after submitting the application. You will be able to log back in and view your completed applications located in your dashboard -  If you open the completed application from there, and navigate to where the recommender's email addresses are located, you should see something right underneath that either says "completed" or "re-send".  That is how you can tell if the recommendation has been completed, and you can also re-send the request from there.   


My password re-set email hasn't come through. Help!

Check your spam and/or junk folder! There's a good chance it ended up there. It may be helpful to add to your safe/contacts list as well, to prevent this from happening. 


I've created my DecisionDesk account. My Dashboard is blank. How do I get to the application?

The school to which you're applying should provide you with the necessary link. You can email them, or feel free to submit a help ticket to DecisionDesk's support team to be pointed in the right direction!


I have general questions about my application..

This might seem like a silly question since you're on the DecisionDesk support page, but it's important to differentiate. We are responsible for any technical problems you experience with our application. This includes upload problems, page load errors, the inability to submit your audition materials, etc. Any questions you have regarding admissions to the institution using our service are a separate matter. This includes questions about test scores, official transcript submission, repertoire requirements, or deadlines. These questions should be sent to the school/university directly. If you do not have the contact information for the school, please send us a message at and we can provide you with that information.


My question is for DecisionDesk, how do I reach out?

Easy. You will find a "Help" tab located on every page of the audition application. You can drop your question there and we will respond as quickly as possible. Or, email and identify which school's application you are using.

We do not currently offer phone support.


I'm having trouble with the uploader.

We have an entire page dedicated to the uploader, you can access it here. You'll find information on accepted file types, errors, and more.


How do I delete or re-order files?

In the uploader, next to the name of the file you've just uploaded is a pencil icon which you can click to rename your file, and an 'X' icon which you can click to delete the file.  Once the file is removed from 'Media for this Submission,' it will be moved to 'My DecisionDesk Media.'  This is your online media portfolio which you can pull any piece of media you've uploaded from.  Click the arrow icon next to the name of a file in this area to move it to 'Media for this Submission' to submit it with this form.


How do I rearrange or delete my files after I've uploaded them?

You can rearrange the order of your files in the uploader window.  To the left of the file name is an icon which you can click on and drag the files in the appropriate order.




How do I know my submission worked?

If you successfully completed the audition application process, you will have received a confirmation message and email. You will be able to log back in using the account credentials you created when starting to fill out the form to access your dashboard and view any finished or in-progress submissions (though no edits can be made after clicking final submit). Keep in mind that it takes time to convert video files, and they may not appear for at least several hours.


Who has access to my material? Is it safe?

Absolutely. Only administrators at the institution you are applying to have the username and password to access other portfolios. Your information and content is kept private from the public and other institutions. 


Can I print my application/recommendation?

Applicants and recommenders do not have the option of saving their application/recommendation as a PDF. You can take screen shots and printing those out for your records. 

How to Screenshot on Macs:

How to Screenshot on PC:

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