Desk Settings

Users with administrative access have the ability to edit a number of universal settings on "Desk Settings" page. 

To access the settings page, click the "gear" icon on the left hand side of the screen;


1. Primary Color of the desk and the Primary Text Color may be edited here. The hex code in the field, or click on the color box dropdown arrow to the right of it.



2. Timezone - This feature can be set based on your location, plus or minus GMT. 2.png


3. Desk Deadline - You can view our full article here. Simply click the empty field to dropdown the calendar and choose the date. Keep in mind, the desk will close at 12 AM on the day chosen.



4. Confirmation Page Text - This refers to the information that displays to applicants just after they click "Final Submit" on the website. HTML can be used to embed items such as images, links, and social media feeds.

5. Confirmation Email Text - Field used for entering custom text that is sent to applicants to confirm the submission of their application.

6. Letter of Recommendation Settings - Field used for entering custom text that is sent in the email request to recommenders. 

7. Reviewer Email Invitation Text - Field used for entering custom text sent in the all user account invitation emails.

8. Review Sharing - When enabled, this allows all reviewers assigned to an application to see all submitted reviews made by their colleagues. When disabled, reviewers are only able to see their own reviews. You can toggle it on and off by clicking the radio button.

9. Blind Reviewing - When enabled, this removes the applicant's name and email address from the application profile and My Reviews page for all users with Reviewer permissions. Names and email addresses will still be visible for Administrators. You can toggle this feature on and off by clicking the radio button.

10. Reviewer Email Notifications - When enabled, this allows email notifications to be sent to reviewers. This also must be individually configured for each user in the User Accounts page in order for notifications to be sent. You can toggle this feature on and off by clicking the radio button.

11. Review Notification - Field used for entering custom text contained in the email sent in the notifications to reviewers.

12. Sorting Fields - This is where you will select the fields that you would like to be available for sorting when creating custom views on the applicant overview page. For further information, see our article here.

Make sure to click "Save Changes" in the upper right of the screen after editing any of the desk settings!




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