User Roles

Within your Institution or Organization there are 2 levels of DecisionDesk User Access. You can think of those with the "Admin" accounts as the "Power Users", and those with "Reviewer" accounts as the "Lite" Users.

This table breaks down the functionality of the software that these types of accounts have access to.




View All “In-progress” Applications


View All Submitted Applications


View and Submit a Review on submitted applications the user is assigned to

Make edits to the information entered in an application


Make edits to the Admin panel


Un-submit an application


Submit an application on behalf of an applicant


Delete an Application*



Create Custom Views of the Applicant Overview or the Review queue

Use the “Bulk Actions” feature in a Custom View


Export Individual applications as PDFs

Export Desk data as a spreadsheet


Add, delete, and edit User Accounts


Access the Reviewer Progress Reports page


Access and edit the “Desk Settings”



*Only Staff at DecisionDesk can permanently delete applications.

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