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How do access my reviewer account? 

Your site administrator or DecisionDesk staff member needs to set up a reviewer account for you, add your permissions (types of submitted applications you can see) and send an invitation to your account.

You'll get an email from no-reply@decisiondesk.com containing a link where you can set up your password. Once you do this, you'll get to your dashboard, where you can see a list of institutions at which you're set up as a reviewer. Click on the institution for which you're reviewing, and you'll see a list of applicants. Click on the name, and you're ready to start reviewing!
Not all internet browsers are created equal.
We currently support versions of Google Chrome 13+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Apple Safari 6+, and Internet Explorer 10+, Microsoft Edge . Even if you're using one of these browsers, make sure it is completely up to date, as out of date web browsers can cause issues. 

Even if you are using one of the supported browsers, sometimes trying a different browser than your default can change the outcome. It can also help to clear your browsing history, or cache.
Does DecisionDesk Work on mobile or tablet devices like iPads?
DecisionDesk software should work fine on tablet devices such as iPads for review purposes. Just make sure that your operating software is up to date. The software should also function properly on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. But due to the amount of information contained on applicant profile pages, the experience may not be optimal.


It looks like there are no applicants for me to review...
When you log in as a reviewer, you should see a table populated with all of the applications assigned for your review.  If you do not see any applicants to review, either a) no applicants have yet been assigned to you, or b) your account is not completely set up.  If you do not see any applications, ask your administrator(s) to check on your account setup to ensure that you see those applications that are meant for you.  




What are the percentages that I'm seeing on the overview?
These percentages indicate the number of reviews complete for the individual applicant. For example, if an application has two reviewers assigned to it, and only one reviewer has completed their evaluation, the percentage will be 50%.

Will I get a confirmation email when my reviews are complete?

There will be no confirmation sent via email upon submitting a review. When you have successfully submitted a review for an applicant, you will see that the "Review Status" will move from "Incomplete" to "Complete" on your applicant overview.

Why Does The Video Keep Stopping And Starting While I'm Watching It?
If a video doesn't play seamlessly, it may be due to the internet connection speed. 

In this situation we recommend pausing the video and allowing it to buffer for 15-20 seconds before pressing play again.

Another option is to download the file by clicking the downward facing arrow to the right of the file name. Once it is on your computer you can play it independently of any internet connection.

If you have further questions please send us a message at support@decisiondesk.com


Happy Reviewing!

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