Application Deadlines, Decision Status, & Official Transcript Submission

Do you have questions regarding?

  • Your submitted application status 
  • Whether an acceptance decision has been made
  • The deadline for your application submission*
  • Where to submit official transcripts

While DecisionDesk assists with the online application submission process, we are not able to provide answers to these specific questions. Inquiries such as these need to be directed to the Institution or Organization you are applying to. 

*Note: If you arrive at the final review page of the application and see a "Deadline Timer" in the upper right hand corner, that means you will not be able to submit this particular application once that timer has run out at the time designated. 

If you are seeing a message that the "Desk has Expired" this means that the deadline has passed and applications cannot be submitted at this time.

If you need help finding the proper contact information for the Institution you applied to, please send a message to and let us know which Institution or Organization you are applying to.


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