Advanced Review FAQs

DecisionDesk's Advanced Review functionality provides a fully customizable application review system for those using a "Multi-desk" Institution configuration. With the tools available, you can customize your review process in a way to best optimize your Institution's needs. 

How do I find the "Advanced Review" settings?

Select your "Institution" underneath the heading "My Institutions" on your Dashboard. You will see the "Manage Review Bins" icon in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Clicking this will bring you to the Settings pages for Advance Review.



What is a Review Bin?

Review Bins are the building blocks of Advanced Review. You can think of them like file folders you would put applications and review forms in, and then drop off to the appropriate reviewer. They may then pass them on to the next round of reviewers in a multi-stage review process.

What is in a Review Bin?

  • The Applicants assigned to that Bin to be reviewed
  • The Reviewers assigned to review those applications
  • The custom Review Form configured for that Bin

How do create a Review Bin?

After clicking the "Manage Review Bins" icon you will see a button on the right side of the page reading "New Review Bin". Click this to get started building your Bin. On this default page you also will see;

  • A list of the bins you have access to
  • The number of applications contained in each bin
  • The author of the bin
  • The option to download a CSV export of the review data in the bin. If this is not available this indicates no reviews have been made on applications in that bin yet.



How do I create review questions?

To create questions for your bins, click the "Review Questions" tab on the settings page, and click "New Reviewer Question". On the subsequent page, you will be able to specify the name what type of question you are creating. Once the question is saved, it will be available for you to add to any of your Bins when you are editing or creating them. 

How do I assign reviewers to a Bin?

  • Click the Review Bins tab
  • Select the Bin you need to edit by clicking the name of the Bin
  • At the bottom of the Review Bin specific settings page you will see a header that reads "Assigned Reviewers"
  • Check the box (es) next to the reviewer(s) names that you wish to assign to the applicants in that Bin
  • Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

How do I add applicants to a Bin?

Applicants are added to Review bins on the Applicant Overview page.

  • Check the boxes next to the left of the names of the applicants you would like to move to a Bin
  • Click the "Assign to Review Bin" to select the bin you would like those applicants assigned to.
  • To make this process more efficient you can filter the overview page to narrow down the list of applicants. Keep in mind in-progress applications cannot be assigned to Review Bins.

Do reviewers receive a notification when they have been assigned to review applicants?

Currently this functionality does not exist, but it is on our Roadmap!

Enjoy building your Bins and look out for more in depth tutorials coming soon!

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