Creating Custom Views Part II - Sorting and Bulk Edits

When Building Custom Views, you have the option to choose application and administrative fields for sorting, and the ability to select Administrative fields for Bulk Editing.

Field Sorting

Field sorting allows you to sort by fields in the columns on the applicant overview page. You will first need to select the fields that are available for sorting on the desk settings page. You can choose up to 12 date and dropdown fields from the application to be available.

1. Access your desk settings by selecting the gear icon at the bottom of the list on the left


2. Scroll down to the Sorting Fields heading on the bottom right

3. Click the dropdown menus to choose your fields

4. Make sure to click "Save" on the desk settings page before moving on

NOTE: Only dropdown menus and date fields may be sorted. Multi-select fields are not sortable. 



5. Next, create a view by clicking the "New View" button in the upper right corner of the Applicant Overview page. Check off the boxes you selected to sort, add any filters you need and save your view. Make sure you've named your view!


6. Your sorted columns will look something like this -



Bulk Editing

Bulk Editing is a way to make sweeping updates to an administrative field for multiple applications at once.

1. To enable bulk edit, you can either create a new view, or edit an existing one


2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the administrative fields you'd like to bulk edit, and save your view


3. The Bulk Actions button will now appear when the view is selected. Click "Bulk Actions" reveal the options.4.png

4. Select the fields you wish to change, the option you'd like to update it to, and check the box marked "Change this field". On the far left, check off the boxes next to the applications you wish to edit.




5. When you are set, select "Save & Continue". A pop-up will confirm the items to change, and update them upon confirmation


6. You're all set! Click into one of the applications and you will to see your changes





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