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As a DecisionDesk user, it will help to understand the concept of the "Institution" layer of the software and how that relates to a single "Desk".


First off, how can I tell easily if I my "Desks" use  the "Institution" layer of DecisionDesk?

  •  You see the label "My Institutions" in the upper left side of your Dashboard


  • You see the "Parthenon" icon (see below) in the upper left on any "Desk" page


Your Desks are grouped together as part of an "Institution"

Secondly, how do I know if I am currently viewing applicants in the "Institution" overview, or the "Desk applicant overview.

The "Institution" applicant overview will look like the image below by default. To arrive at this view, click the name of your Institution underneath "My institutions" on your Dashboard


*Note that in this view there "Filters" included above the Applicant list, and will have the header "Applications" at the top 

The "Desk" applicant overview will look like the image below by default. To access a single "Desk" overview you can either select if from your Dashboard underneath "My admin accounts" or "My reviewer accounts" or use the "Rapid Desk Finder" to locate the desk you are looking for.


*Note that the header for the "Desk" level overview will be "Applicant Overview".

What does a "Desk" encompass?

  • A single "applicant facing" customized application form. This can be for a single program or a group of programs that have identical or similar requirements. Conditional logic can be used within the application to collect different materials and information based on answers collected in the application.
    • The ability to filter, hide, and require fields based on answers from other fields requires that "parent" and "child" field are on the same step in the application.
  • All "in-progress" and "submitted" applications created in the above form.These are displayed on the applicant overview page. Users can created an unlimited number of views here to customize the application information they would like to see.
  • Administrative and Reviewer accounts that will have access to the applications created in the Desk
  • "Desk" Settings, such as a deadline, confirmation page text, custom email text, review sharing settings, primary and secondary colors, and the application fee (if any), specific to the Desk.
  • The ability to export application and review data* from that desk.
  • A reports page showing all user accounts, how many reviews they are assigned to and the number complete.*

These items are specific to Desks that are not enabled for "Advanced Review". These do not pertain to clients using "Institutional Roll-up"

What is a DecisionDesk "Institution"?

A DecisionDesk Institution creates a hierarchy in which multiple desks can be grouped together so that data can be shared and accessed between multiple desks using functionality that exists on the "Institution" level. 

Another way to think about it is that in this scenario, the "Desks" are individual programs, and the "Institution" is their umbrella.

What functionality does the "Institution" hierarchy provide"

  • The ability to export application data from all Desks contained in the Institution
  • The ability to bulk export media, and application PDFs from all Desks contained in the Institution
  • The ability to schedule exports
  • Use of "shared" panels in the application form. These are portions of the application that tend to be included in most or all of the "Desks" or Programs within the Institution, such as demographic, and contact information. When exporting the data for multiple desks on the Institution level, this is the data that will be available for export.
  • A "filterable" Applicant Overview that shows the applications contained in all Desks in the Institution
  • The use of DecisionDesk "Advanced Review", allowing a multi-stage review process and infinitely flexible review assignments. Note: When using a multi-Desk Institution configuration, Advanced Review must be used.

Have you yet to get started? There are advantages to both of these configurations, your DecisionDesk Account Manager can help you choose the one that will best suit your needs.


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