Creating Application Deadlines

Setting a deadline on a Desk will prevent new applications from being begun and will prevent in-progress applications from being submitted once the deadline has passed. A countdown will appear to the applicant on their profile review page before submission. This is set on the Desk Settings page. The timezone that the deadline and all timestamps on the desk will adhere to can also be edited on the desk settings page

To add a deadline to your desk

1. Access your desk and click the gear icon to go the the desk settings page


2. Scroll down to locate the Deadline date calendar on the left


3. Select your preferred deadline date 

4. Make sure the timezone entered above the deadline is correct for your Desk

4. Scroll to the top and hit "Save Changes"

*NOTE: Setting a deadline will let the application close at 12:00 AM on that date. For example, if you'd like your deadline to be 2/15 at midnight, set your deadline to 2/16.



Important! Always make sure there is a deadline on your previous Desk when you are moving into a new cycle that is using a new Desk.




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