UTSA - What is an Application Checklist?

*Note: The following information applies to applications for the University of Texas San Antonio only.

Your application checklist is a list of items that are required to be submitted before your application can be reviewed. First you start with completing your core profile, which will be saved for future applications. Each application will then have a different set of sections, such as recommendations, education history, intended program or major, and any uploads required for the specific application.

Click on one of the bullets listed in the application checklist to complete the questions that follow. Anything marked with a red asterisk will need to be filled out before moving on. Once a section is completed you will be taken back to the checklist and that section will show a green check mark.

You can navigate back to the this page from anywhere within the application by clicking on the “Application Checklist” link at the top left corner of the page. You can also click Save & Exit to get back to the checklist once the section you are on has been filled out.

Once all of the required sections have been marked off and completed, you will be able to click on the last section, “Review and Submit the Application.” Make sure everything looks good on the review page and you will be ready to submit!

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